• Casta Diva by Vincenzo Bellini from the opera Norma which premiered at La Scala in 1831. This arrangement by Edward A. Samuels (1836-1908) was featured in Waverly Magazine (1810-1886) and was typeset from Soundboard's facsimile in issue #4, 2003 and edited by Gregory Newton.
  • Allegro from Suite #10 for keyboard by G. F. Handel. Transcribed and arranged for guitar by Mark Achuff.
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  •   Prelude in D (2:39) from the first cello suite by J. S. Bach. Transcribed and fingered for guitar by Douglas Goode and performed by Mark Achuff.

    “Playing an instrument is a sport in which we are dancing with an object that has a life of its own, partly yielding and partly resistant”
    - Stephen Nachmanovitch, Free Play